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Product Liability Defense

Tarle Law represents businesses throughout California and Texas in product liability matters. Our firm has represented companies in an array of industries, including construction, transportation and the oil and gas sectors, evaluating equipment, machinery, fabrication and manufacturing of materials and tools used in these operations. Our attorneys are regarded for our abilities to achieve results for clients in product liability defense matters.

Legal Solutions For an Effective and Efficient Resolution in Product Liability and Defective Equipment Matters

It is not uncommon for a product to be blamed for an accident or injury even though the product itself was properly designed, fabricated, manufactured and marketed. Our attorneys are skilled in working with professional experts and consultants to identify and work with evidence that may lead to the defense that the design, manufacturing or marketing of the product itself was not to blame for the accident in question. 

Our attorneys are experienced in understanding and dealing with highly technical scientific data, as well as the analysis of complex business issues that arise from product liability cases. Our lawyers work with a network of skilled professionals, engineers and forensic experts to determine what caused the failure of the product, whether the product itself contributed to the accident or if it was caused by an external factor such as user error or professional misuse, which may have impacted the life cycle of the product.

Our legal team is mindful of the distraction such lawsuits can create for your business operations, and we deliver results in the most efficient and effective manner possible.