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Premises Liability Defense

Tarle Law is sought out by companies throughout California and Texas for its experienced defense tactics and implementation of legal strategies following premises liability claims. We defend companies in a broad array of industries, including businesses in the commercial, governmental and private sector, condominium and apartment buildings, housing, school districts and universities, as well as industrial and manufacturing plants. Our clients often face allegations of liability due to negligence, among other causation factors, following accidents that have resulted in combined damages, including property damage, business interruption, bodily injuries, traumatic brain injuries and fatalities. 

Experienced Legal Defense In Premises Liability Matters

Our veteran team of attorneys conducts thorough investigations of accident scenes, along with the combined efforts of experts and consultants, which assist our efforts to properly evaluate our clients’ liability, if any, and to minimize our clients’ potential exposure. 

Our history of working with clients of all business sizes provides an understanding of not only the legal objectives, but the need to understand each and every client’s corporate culture and risk tolerances. These cases frequently turn on understanding how buildings are constructed, maintained and managed, as well as how products and suppliers intersect that process. Our experience in premises liability cases runs the gamut from slip-and-fall injuries and civil actions arising from criminal assault and battery to traumatic brain injury cases, as well as fatalities and issues involving “green technology” and other environmental issues.

We work with skilled professionals and forensic experts to investigate and potentially re-create the accident. Using expert opinions and detailed investigations, our lawyers work to minimize our clients’ exposure in such cases.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators equipped to take the case to court, if need be, in defense of our clients. However, we work to reach the most efficient and effective resolution possible, in an effort to prevent further disruption to our clients’ operations and business objectives.