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Personal Injury Defense Litigation

Tarle Law is sought out by companies throughout California and Texas for its experienced defense tactics and implementation of legal strategies in the handling of personal injury claims.

Our team’s depth of experience in representing clients in premises liability, product liability, oil and gas, transportation and trucking, and construction accidents has produced solid results for our clients when defending their personal injury actions, whether that is by way of aggressively defending our clients to the point of obtaining a dismissal from the litigation, providing the client with an understanding of exposure and liability with which they are able to assess a resolution plan that pairs with their business objectives, or whether that results in taking the case to trial.

Experienced Legal Defense In Personal Injury Litigation

Our clients stem from a broad base of industries, including businesses in the commercial, governmental and private sectors, for which our veteran team of attorneys defend them against allegations of liability due to negligence, among other causations factors, following accidents that resulted in combined damages, including serious bodily injuries and fatalities. 

Our legal team works closely with professional consultants to obtain forensic opinions, as well as conducts accident reconstruction in order to evaluate liability, causation and damages, including life care plans, lost wages and future earnings, work reintegration plans, and medical costs, which assist in efforts to properly evaluate our client’s potential exposure and litigation plan. 

Our history of working with clients of all business sizes provides an understanding of not only the legal objectives, but the need to understand each and every client’s corporate culture and risk tolerances.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators in personal injury defense, equipped to take the case to court, if need be, in defense of our clients. However, we work to reach the most efficient and effective resolution possible, in an effort to prevent further disruption to our clients’ operations and business objectives.