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Construction Law

Defending Construction Defect and Construction Accident Litigation

Tarle Law is regarded throughout California and Texas for its experience and success in handling construction defect litigation and construction accidents involving commercial, residential, industrial, governmental, condominium complexes, condo-apartment conversions, planned developments, school districts and university housing, as well as public utilities and privately held energy companies, including matters arising out of the oil and gas sector.

We actively represent construction professionals, including owners, developers, general contractors, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. To request a consultation with a lawyer, please contact us.

Construction Defect Litigation

We actively represent owners, general contractors, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers in litigating complex and multiparty actions arising from alleged construction defects in commercial, multiuse, residential, industrial, governmental, condominium complexes, condo-apartment conversions, planned developments, school districts and university housing. Our attorneys effectively and efficiently litigate allegations of breach of contract, negligent design, defective construction, standard of care, product liability, land subsidence, pollution, “green construction” and statutory violations.

Our team is well-equipped to address not only the complexity of the NASDAQ and NYSE-listed, Fortune 500 construction companies we represent, but also the unique issues and concerns that often arise when representing the interests of small local construction contractors. Our experience and background in insurance consulting bring depth to our attorneys’ abilities to assess risk transfer for our clients, and the implications and complexity of additional insured insurance obligations and insurance carrier intervention actions. Our team of attorneys is well-armed to address issues involving tendering to and working with claims adjusters for multiple lines of coverage, including builders’ risk, commercial general liability, property and casualty policies, environmental, as well as the unique issues arising out of manuscripted Controlled Insurance Programs (CIPs) and WRAPS.

Construction Accident Litigation

With our extensive experience in construction defect litigation and strong background in personal injury litigation, our attorneys are well-suited to address the unique aspects of representing clients in construction accident litigation.

We are able to combine our relationships with professionals in analysis of construction-related causation factors and liability allocations with our experience in working with health care industry consultants in order to effectively address construction accident litigation. We have established relationships with an extensive network of professional experts and consultants in the construction industry as well as the medical fields to collaborate with our attorneys on identifying practical approaches to resolving cases in efficient and cost-effective ways.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation to Protect and Advance Your Company

Construction contracts are the backbone of successful construction and development projects. We assist in mitigating our clients’ risk of litigation by developing and negotiating contracts with language that will work to protect their interests and business objectives. This includes negotiating provisions that provide for transfer of risk and the protection of defense and indemnity those contractual obligations can provide. We assist clients in maneuvering through the often competing objectives of practical scheduling advancements and the necessity of employing risk management measures.

Our attorneys draft and negotiate construction contracts for owners, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, providing valuable assistance in evaluating and consulting on their insurance programs, including their national corporate practice policies. We have handled the contractual development and negotiations of conventional insurance programs as well as the complex issues arising from Controlled Insurance Programs (CIP) and WRAPS, including working with insurance brokers and underwriters on their behalf to accomplish successful integration of insurance procurement and contractual requirements.

The firm represented a renowned energy company during cutting-edge international engineering procurement and construction (EPC) contract negotiations by drafting industry-specific Controlled Insurance Program (CIP) and risk transfer requirements and obligations that were utilized to mitigate the clients’ exposure and protect their interests while constructing a nuclear power plant.

The firm has successfully drafted complex settlement agreements memorializing our clients’ terms and conditions in non-litigated matters involving both domestic and U.S. territories, which have served to prevent litigation and meet our clients’ business objectives while preserving their industry relationships.