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Transportation & Trucking

Tarle Law is retained throughout California and Texas to represent clients involved in transportation and trucking litigation.

Clients often own and operate their own trucks and seek Tarle Law‘s skills in defending their interests. With our legal team’s background in transportation litigation, combined with our relationships with industry experts who assist in the analysis of causation, liability and comparative fault, we are able to assist clients in better understanding and evaluating their potential exposure related to both economic and noneconomic damages that often arise from these claims.

Working with expert professionals to evaluate life care plans, business losses, lost wages and future earnings, as well as medical expenses, our attorneys assist clients in understanding the facts as they relate to the legal issues, which may serve to impact their business decisions.

Our veteran team of attorneys conducts efficient and effective investigations of the accident scenes, along with the combined efforts of experts and consultants, which assist our efforts to properly evaluate our client’s liability, if any, and work to minimize our client’s potential exposure.

While our attorneys work to reach the most efficient and effective resolution possible, they are at the same time engaged to defend the case through trial if necessary.