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Oil & Gas Litigation

Tarle Law is retained throughout California and Texas to handle matters arising out of the oil and gas industry, including defending against allegations of premises liability, product liability, personal injury, construction deficiencies, contractor equipment liability and environmental litigation.

Our legal team actively defends clients in the public and private sectors facing allegations of negligence, gross negligence, employee, agency, respondeat superior, vicarious liability and direct liability, among other causes of action, for property damage and serious bodily injuries, including chemical burns specific to the industry, traumatic brain injuries and fatalities.

Our veteran team of attorneys conducts thorough investigations of the accident scenes, along with the combined efforts of experts and consultants who assist our efforts to property evaluate each client’s liability, if any, and to minimize our client’s potential exposure. 

Our history of working with clients of all business sizes provides an understanding of not only the legal objectives, but the need to understand each and every client’s corporate culture and risk tolerances. These cases frequently turn on understanding of the oil and gas industries’ day-to-day operations, OSHA and industry standards, compliance requirements and regulations, contractor equipment and tools utilized in the industry, and how products and suppliers intersect that process. Our legal team works with skilled professionals and forensic experts to investigate and potentially re-create the accident. Using expert opinions and detailed investigations, our lawyers work to minimize our clients’ exposure in such cases.

While our attorneys work to reach the most efficient and effective resolution possible, they are at the same time engaged in defending the case through trial if necessary.